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Romportmet Galati is located on the left side of the Danube, between km 157 + 600, down of the water source of Galati and km 157 + 400, upstream of Galati.

Romportmet is the most modern river- maritime port from the Danube, specialised services provider , with a handling capacity of app. 20.000.000 tons/year.

The traffic within the port, of receiving raw materials and dispatching steel products, is performed with maritime vessels as well as with river vessels. For the course of materials traffic , the port is endowed, consequently, with special equipments for operating the vessels, storage, transfer, receiving and despatching of materials towards and from ArcelorMittal Galati plant.

We are part of the biggest world company and relying our activity on continuous quality and permanent innovation, we wish to become an example for the competition.


ArcelorMittal Romportmet

Siret Street, No.1 
Galati, Romania 
Tel: +40 236 473338
+40 236 473346
Fax: +40 236 462064 
E-mail: romportmet@arcelormittal.com


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