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Environmental Protection

The current concept of „environment” has a dynamic character, that wants to know, to analyse and to monitor the running of the protected systems in all their complexity.

Any human activity, and implicitly, the existence of individual, cannot be conceived outside the environment. All the relationships and exchange reports between man and nature, as well as their interdependency, influence the ecological balance, determine life conditions, work conditions for man, as well as the perspectives of society’s development. These reports concern the activity itself as well as creating conditions of human existence


The environment protection is not only the responsibility of ecologist organizations which strive to stop an ecological disaster, but our responsibility also, as a society. Taking into consideration that the atmosphere is the “shield” that allows human existence on Terra, reducing the atmosphere pollution is a must . Lately, the continuous intensifying and improving the activity of our company was performed without having a significant impact on the environment.

This was possible due to an integrated approach of the quality and environment management systems. Protecting the environment represents a problem of major concern and very present within our company. Thus, we must preserve the quality of the environment and diminish the negative effects of the human activity.