Our Approach

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Our Approach

Assuming the responsibilities for "Transforming Tomorrow"

"Transforming Tomorrow", the new philosophy that we guide after, offers us a clear vision of the future, being sustained by a consistent set of values.

We are involved and totally committed – at company level- in reflecting the transformation "THE FUTURE starts TODAY!"

The three main values that stand at the basis of this transformation are:

- SUSTAINAIBILITY: i.e. what satisfies the needs of the present without compromising the future generations’ capacity of satisfying their own needs; Improving the quality of human life without affecting the eco- systems, by reconciliation of the requests economically, socially and environmentally speaking

- QUALITY: quality of our employees that gives value to the port services, thus leading to our clients’ satisfaction;

- LEADERSHIP: leadership with accent on the group processes – which entwine their efforts in order to achieve a common target – port development. A transformational leadership – by which the aspirations of the employees develop according to the company’s vision and mission.



Our priorities