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• river quay functional for lime operating , with a capacity of 8000 tons / 24 hours;

• four berths numbered from 1 to 4:

• lthe length of the quay afferent to the lime sector design is 400 m;

• the berths 1-4 are river ones, the dredging ensuring – 4 m as compared to „0” level of the Danube water;

• endowed with 6 portal cranes Bocsa type of 16 tons capacity x 32 m , equipped with grabs;

• the cranes’ gauge is of 10,875 m



Berth 1 = 100 m Berth 2 = 100 m Berth 3 = 100 m Berth 4 = 100 m
B9 B2 B8 B7 B5 B4
Limefact Blast furnace lime Ore



The materials unloaded from barges with quay cranes are transferred directly in the storage area nearby the operating front and in the cranes’ operating area.

The goods are taken out of the storage area of app. 400 meters length and app.60 meters width, by two machines with portcupe wheel of 1000 tons / hour capacity, and transferred towards the main storage areas of ArcelorMittal Galati Aby a conveyor belts system.